I remember when…..

In light of my last post, and all of the good feelings being sent my way (thank you so so so much) I want to stop here for a second and mark a monument. For when God provided.

I remember when I was staying at home and crying because I didn’t know what I was going to do about child care when I finally had this baby. I was worried, but I heard God telling me that He would provide someone. Wednesday we attended a dance demonstration for Elizabeth’s daughter. When Juliet started howling in the middle of it, the little ballerina turned around from her performance and yelled “it’s okay Peanut! That’s my sister.”

I remember when I couldn’t seem to get a job interview and then I walked into my first school and it was so clear I had the job I went out to the car to call Christian and tell him I had one.

I remember when we moved to Atlanta, and we didn’t  know quite how we were going to make ends meet and a couple of “random” checks showed up in the mail.

I remember when we didn’t get THE HOUSE. The one I was sure was ours because of a technical glitch. I was furious, and my media center specialist looked me straight in the face and told me “God don’t keep blessings from us. If He doesn’t want you there then you need to be thanking Him.” She was completely right. The house we have now is better suited for us, and our neighbors down the street are more of an encouragement then I could have imagined.

I remember when I was praying that Jill would come live here… for a male duo partner who knew the Lord…..for  my friend in High school to come to know Jesus, and she did, and when she saw Jill at a wedding she whispered to her “tell Abby I know Jesus now.”

God did all of those things, plus countless others. Because He loves me and knows whats best for me. Even when I am feeling alone and in despair (the special pregnant hormonal kind).

1 thought on “I remember when…..

  1. Abby,Thank you for setting up monuments. Check out Joshua 3 and 4. You are a living monument to the Lord's goodness as are all of us who seek His grace and his face. This blog is a testament.

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