About once a week my husband shakes his head at me and says “I can’t believe you know how to do this stuff. To be honest, I can’t either. In college I cried about setting up a website until someone else did it for me. If I can do this stuff, I promise, I PROMISE you can too, and I can teach you at a fee that is reasonable. I have been blogging steadily for five years, and have picked up a lot of really great skills. I would love to pass them along to you.

Social Media Management

Do you want to write, but don’t want to deal with all that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram stuff? Do you have a business but can’t figure out how to get it onto Facebook? Do you know you need to do this stuff but do not have room for one more thing on your plate?

Put it on my plate! For a one time consultation fee of $100 and packages starting as low as $20 a week, let me make the world wide web work for you!

Bio Writing 

Writing bios is the worst. I know. You can write a novel, or paint a gorgeous canvas, successfully run a non-profit but 300 words about you makes you break into a cold sweat. I know. I have been there. Writing your own bio is just really hard. Let me help. Send me what you have. We’ll have a phone call to talk through what you have and what you want. 48 hours later you will have a completed bio. It is that easy. And it is only $50.

Process Coaching

How do you write a book while working full time and raising a couple of wild babies? One sentence at a time. I know because I did it. I believe you can do it to, if you want to.  I talk to a lot of people who want to. You want to write, want to paint, want to do the thing you can’t stop dreaming about. I know how hard it is to chase your dreams. I want to help. And I know how frustrating it is when people put some ridiculous price tag that is way out of reach on help for a thing you want so badly. In thirty minute increments I can listen to what you want, where you are, and then find the next step to move you closer to your dream. And I can do it in 30 minutes, for $25. I have three more spots of bi-weekly coaching available! Book today.


Room for Dreaming

If you are at the point where you have no idea where world you might put them in your life, but you have some things that you can’t shake, my e-course may just be perfect for you. Classes start up in September, you can find all the details here.

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