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Are you reflecting on this year and realizing you want more for 2018? Are you wondering what YOUR next big thing should be? Are you really grateful for your job or kids or partner but just wish there was a little more room for yourself in your own life? I have that thing for you. You CAN start something new. You can start dreaming again.

Pay Fifty Dollars here.

I know what it like to have a dream that seems impossible that will not let you go. I think you already have everything you need in your life to begin making your dream come true. We just need to find it.

I designed Room for Dreaming to fit into your life. A four week email course to hone your dream and find the resources that let you chase your dreams. A four week course with content every week day that you can engage in on your own time, in your own space, delivered right to your inbox.

The themes for the four weeks are:

  • Week 1: The Want- What is it you are really after?
  • Week 2: The Need- What do you need to get it, and what do you already have?
  • Week 3: The Obstacles- When do you rest and when do you push through?
  • Week 4: The Room- How do you walk forward in the truth of abundant space for your dream?

Each week you receive:

  • Monday: A short prompt with a question to kickstart the processing.
  • Tuesday an 800-1000 word email just for you, to really think about your dream in your right now life
  • Wednesday: An article with reflection questions for you to really think about.
  • Thursday: A video message to keep you going!
  • Friday: An activity to review the week and make sure the lessons stick

You will also receive:

  • Access to me via email to pushback and ask questions, or even just to have someone hold your hand. What the HECK Abby? Yup. I will answer that.
  • Discounts on 3, 30 minute coaching sessions for when you are feeling really stuck. I am really, really good at practical solutions. You give me your life, and what you want, and we form an action plan for you to get it without hitting the lottery. (Normally 50 dollars, you get it for 25)

This class starts the January 7 runs through the first week of February and is only $50 for the first 10 people to sign up.  That is just $12.50 a week. If you are buying it as a gift, let me know and I will send you a printable you can wrap!

Pay 50 dollars here! 

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