I would love the opportunity to speak for your event. I have a history of public speaking and simply love doing it. Anything I have written about it is on the table, though I do have some subjects that are particularly close to my heart.

How to Talk to Kids about THE HARD STUFF

As a parent, and an english teacher I have had a head start in hard conversations, race, hate, and especially sexual consent and our own bodies. How do we talk to kids about complicated subjects in a complicated world? I have some thoughts on that!

Rape Culture and Enthusiastic Consent

My TEDx talk, as well as my self published book, is about the ways I have learned to fight rape culture both in my classroom and in my own home. We are living in a world that gives our children confusing messages about sex. The only way to fight that is through clear and consistent language and behavior. The good news is it is so simple even my two-year-old gets it.

Who God Says You Are

Here is the thing about identity in Christ: It matters very deeply. The most powerful pieces of writing I have are the pieces about who we are in Christ. I only write them because I need them so desperately. If we really believed God loved us as much as God says, we would act radically different in this world. At women we are handed a whole book of lies from the world. We need to let the Holy Spirit undo that.


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