What if you did it on purpose?

!n our first Skype meeting, she asked me the question that has haunted me for years: What I want to know is, what would purposeful look like?

We had met in an online writing course, Esther and I, and were “randomly assigned” critique partner status. If it was random, it was darn lucky for me. We took a look at each other’s blog and offered our honest feedback. Both of us coming from very artistic backgrounds, we didn’t hold back.

We’ve been pacing each other ever since. But only a few weeks ago did I answer that first question. What would purposeful look like?

I was writing at the time, at Accidental Devotional. I was claiming a lot of things in my life were an accident. I didn’t know if I wanted to go to college, but I wanted to be on a speech team, and I “accidentally” majored in education, and was good at it, so it stuck. Then I moved to Atlanta and accidentally started writing, accidentally about God.

I was doing all the things, but I wasn’t owning any of them. I was telling the story as though my life was a thing that happened to me, not something I was creating.

You can read the rest right here.

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