You don’t have to be good at everything

It is a little late but I made it! 31 days of fighting scarcity..


You don’t have to be good at everything.

I know you know that, but I thought maybe you could use the reminder. You don’t have to be good at everything. I almost gave up this whole write 31 days thing before I started because everyone esle had a cute picture, and every time I tried to make one it looked terrifying.

When I went to Facebook to tell everyone that I was almost in tears over Canva and PicMonkey and trying to put some words onto a background. Everyone else I knew seemed to be able to do this. But I couldn’t. I was messing it all up. Then one of my friends offered to do it for me. And just like that Caris created my button.

It was fun for her, and I am still so grateful for it.

Scarcity tells me that if I haven’t mastered pictographs, periscope, snapchat, instagram, and the the next thing that hasn’t even come out yet, that I am not qualified to do what I am good at, the words part.

But abundance says I should do well, the things I am good at, and needing help doesn’t make me any less qualified.

What have you been waiting to do? Try it! Even if you don’t know how.

2 thoughts on “You don’t have to be good at everything

  1. Life gets difficult when you find you’re are not doing your life’s work as well as you once did…and you are afraid that asking for help makes you look weak in a competitive environment. I think the world is unkind to those of us asking for help. And don’t worry about the apps- everything gets weird as more and more time passes. I am not sure whether that is because I changed or the world has. Best advice is to keep on trying- there is nothing to lose!

  2. Ah, so true! We do not have to be good at everything–and actually it’s impossible for us to be good at everything! But we have to consciously fight the subconscious and dangerous influences in our day to day lives that imply just that. Good luck to you!

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