I am still here, blogging about scarcity. I started here. 


Yesterday my pastor preached about perspective. It was really really good to hear about.

Is it a duck or is it a rabbit?

I see a duck first, I always see a duck first. I see the rabbit if I make myself, but ultimately I see a duck.

The church has duck seers, and rabbit seers, and even people who don’t see either, or see something else. That is a really really hard things about being in the church. This is a really really hard thing about being in the world. This is a really really hard thing about being alive.

We don’t all see things the same way. And we want to, or rather we want people to see the thing we see so we don’t have to question ourselves. By we I mean me. I mean I do that. I mean it would make me feel a lot safer, and more secure if everyone could just see the ducks that I see.

Scarcity tells me that my perspective is only okay if everyone else thinks that, that a different perspective threatens me and my world. I have to fight for myself, for my perspective.

But scarcity is such a stupid liar.

Abundance says that I can really and truly try to see the rabbits of this world, but that doesn’t mean that the duck isn’t there. My perspective and understanding can grow and change, and everyone doesn’t have to see it that way. Abundance says God loves all people desperately, even if the people cannot even agree on what is right in front of them. Abundance says my perspective will not always be correct but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t seek to find truth anyway. Abundance says even though I am terrified of living in a world with multiple perspectives God can do good good work through it all.

I think I will go with abundance.

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