Scarcity and Dignity

Yesterday I promised you that you are better than your worst self. I know, it is a lot to take in but I promise it is true.

But that also means that everyone else is worth more, and loved more than their worst self. That person who totally jacked up your day, or your week, or your work? They are better than that thing that they did to you. or said to you, or didn’t do for you. They are better than that. That is how God’s kingdom works.

Even if they make YOU crazy, even if YOU are just so done, even if YOU can’t see anything good anymore, abundance says they are still a totally valuable, wonderful, amazing human being who deserves all the dignity and respect that any child of God would receive. Abundance says that even if you don’t see it right this second, you should go ahead and act on the wholeness and goodness and love-able-ness of the student who is right there because it is so, absolutely there.


(Scarcity is telling me that this isn’t enough, but abundance says sometimes it only takes a few words. You can read all of the series here.)

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