You are Better than Your Worst Self

31 days! Half way there! Start at the beginning, I am housing this crazy month here.


I have been having a really hard week. Work stuff is hard, relationships are hard, and someone said something to me that only the worst parts of myself whisper to me, about me, when I am feeling very scared.

I missed an appointment I really wanted to go to.

I missed an emai I should have caught.

I missed a guest post of someone I have mad mad MAD respect and affection for (but seriously check it out because it is gooood).

I was late to work. My house is a mess. My kids are being particularly difficult.

I am still afraid that that thing that someone said is true.

Yeah, I am having a very very hard week. And scarcity has been going off like a siren. Scarcity is telling me that I am only as good as my very worst self. I am only as good as the worst things I do even if they aren’t purposeful, even if I am doing the best I can. Scarcity tells me that the best I can do does not always measure up, so I don’t measure up ever for any reason.

But I have been taking deep breaths and trying to find the abundance. Abundance is me saying that I am worthy. That I am worth loving even in the midst of my failures, that I am everything I think my potential might be worth and probably more, and you are too.

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