Everyone else is doing it, and that is GOOD news

I am writing 31 fighting scarcity. I will be collecting them all at the starting point. I hope you join me this month. 


This past weekend I went to the Story conference. While I loved the city, (Nashville, let’s hang out okay?) and I loved my company, I was a little bit underwhelmed by the conference (maybe a little bit more than a little bit). The bright spot for me was the opportunity to meet Seth Haines (you can get his tiny letter here) and buy a copy of his book. Apparently it doesn’t come out until October 27th.

In it Seth talks about sobriety, but also he speaks of healing. In fact this is the first place that I have read about healing in a way that honors the mystery of it all. And it felt like water in the desert, like a window opening, like pulling into your driveway. YES! Me too. I get it and I was finally more home on this earth with Seth’s witness right there for me to read. Me too. It was wonderful. It is wonderful. Buy the book.

It has taken me a long way to get here. Just a few months ago it would have crushed me that Seth wrote this thing that is just so true. I mean, I am thinking about a book about healing and if Seth and I think the same thing, and he got there first, then I am going to lose out. His witness to the Good news to the masses is actually bad news for me.

Y’all, scarcity is just such a LIAR. It is just a terrible LIE that because one person said it in their own beautiful way that I can’t say it too. Imagine, imagine if Luke or John had said, welp between Matthew and Mark, the life of Jesus is covered. Imagine if Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou were pitted against each other, told there was only enough room for one of them. Imagine. Just imagine. This is the dumbest thing I have ever almost thought, that just because someone else is saying something I shouldn’t say it either. I was almost a complete moron.

There is absolutely enough room for my voice, especially if it is something God places on my heart, especially if I feel called to say it. The fact that someone else is saying it only proves the point. This thing that God is doing is too important to just have one mouth piece. Everyone should join the chorus. There are an abundance of voices and stories, and mine is one.

4 thoughts on “Everyone else is doing it, and that is GOOD news

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  2. Dear Abby, I am so enjoying these posts on scarcity. They are speaking to me and giving me perspective as I begin to add my own very fragile, “I don’t know why I’m here” voice to the mix. Scarcity has been speaking to me for a while, saying that writing is not worth it because I don’t even know what my story is. But I’m going to write, because I realize there are so many other out there who are just like me – trying to figure it out, especially those coming from my own unique background – who need to know they aren’t alone and it can be done. Thank you for writing these!

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