Tired, Wired, and Learning to Ask

I am sitting in bed and I am tired. It is ten-thirty on the first full day of school. How did it get this late? I woke up at six and I have been pretty much running ever since. It is the start of the school year and there is just no other way.

I am sitting in bed and I am wired. I had writer’s group at the coffee-house and I needed a little pick me up. Did I mention I had been up since six. I probably shouldn’t have ordered a large. But I do not at all regret the brownie. That junk was delicious. So now I am going to stay up way too late, need coffee all day to keep me going, and then continue the cycle all week, I figure I need to break the cycle, but not today or tomorrow. Thursday is freshmen orientation….I guess we are looking at the weekend. It will have to do.

I could have cancelled writer’s group I guess, but I am learning to speak clearly and protect what matters to me. Is it a little nutty to keep the writer’s group date on the first day of not-summer-vacation? Maybe. But I am learning to speak up for the things that I declare matter.

I was given the gift of a week to discuss writing and get feedback. I came home wanting more. So I messaged the four other writers I knew in my area if they wanted to be in a writers group. To my utter surprise they all said yes. Every single person said yes. A few had been meaning to find a group like this for awhile. I was even more surprised and pleased when we all worked beautifully together immediately.

I just needed to ask.

One of the women in the group and I are on parallel journies. Both with book proposals we have been encouraged to continue with. Both of us with book proposals we have been sitting with for a few years now. Both of us with the idea that if we just keep blogging someone will find us, and ask us to write the book we already know we want to write.

If we just wait and want long enough, some day it will happen for me.

I know that is the story for some, a lucky few. But more and more I am learning that story that I have been told, that I have told myself, just isn’t true.

I need to ask.

If I want something, I need to ask. I need to ask to be published, I need to ask to get a writers group together. If I want it, I need to ask.

But somewhere along the way I was fed the opposite story, if you are good enough they will just come, if you are supposed to do it, it will just happen, if you want it bad enough you don’t actually have to do the work, the universe will conform around you. This is a lie. And it kept me silent and waiting for years.

I’m all done with that now. I don’t know if I will ever become a traditionally published author, but I am sure going to try like hell. And I am going to ask for what I need.

What if you stopped waiting for permission and just gave it to yourself?

What if you let yourself figure out what you needed, and then asked for it?

What if you stopped waiting for someone else and decided to be in charge of your own dreams?

What if you didn’t have to do it alone?

I designed this e-course, because I believe that you are capable of making your own dreams come true, regardless of the life that you live. A mom with a full-time job and two kids in diapers isn’t supposed to write a manuscript while her husband works for the summer, but I did. Mostly I did because someone else made room for me. I found a tribe who told me I could do it, but just in my own way. I stopped seeing what I didn’t have and took advantage of what I did. I made it work, and so can you. 

Room for dreaming starts with the premise that the life and the dreams that you have right now, are meant to fit together. Together, we figure out how. Sign up before August 17 and get the early bird rate!


This class makes when ten people sign up. I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with your people. The content is completely written and I promise, it is good. Really good.

2 thoughts on “Tired, Wired, and Learning to Ask

  1. I needed to hear this, and yet, I felt something in me say “but if God doesn’t have it for you it doesn’t matter how hard you work to get it”. I am trying to balance the fullness of God, His leading, His truth for my own life, and not just waiting for things to happen but going for things I want- like finding a way to stay home with my kids. I cry even just saying it, thinking it, my heart yearns for it (remind me that when it becomes reality and I am losing my mind lol). Yes I am in charge of my own dreams, dreams God has given to me and placed in me, with gifts to achieve them. Yes I am in charge of my own dreams but I cannot even have the dream without God, without his vision for my life. He is sending me and I say “yes”. Thanks B, you have touched my heart again.

  2. Oh friend, I am so excited about this post in and for so many different ways. I’m excited that we’re on this writerly journey together. I’m excited that we’re not waiting anymore, but we’re putting ourselves out there and we’re wagering a bet. I’m excited that you’re taking a chance with the e-course and encouraging others to Just Do It. Going to promote you now!! xo.

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