What I am into: (June, July) August 2014

What! I haven’t done this in three months and I really unclear as to how that happened, except I am totally clear because, summer.

So! Let’s get all caught up shall we?

JUNE: June meant the last day of school, then Christian went on a trip to San Antonio and we hung at the house. Then he tapped in and I tapped out and it was off to Austin TX for the story sessions retreat. It was so so so good to be with people in person that I had been interacting with online for over a year. It was also very fun to drive from ATL to ATX with Morgan Paddock and Elizabeth Kays. I think I could happily spend days in a van with them. Two days after I came back from my retreat we packed the whole family up to spend a weekend in Tennessee. This wasn’t just any weekend. We had a reunion with our old speech team, plus spouses, plus babies. It was amazing. Who knew that the people we were sort of stuck with in our early twenties would be TOTALLY AWESOME now. It was great, and we are hoping to make it a yearly thing.

JULY: July meant the annual family trek. First we spent sometime visiting my in-laws in Connersville, then up to Toledo to see my parents. From there my parents joined us as we drove up to the Adirondack mountains at the cabin on Friends Lake. My sisters and their kids were already there and we spent over a week in a cabin  together and meeting our extended family everyday, on the beach, at a wedding, at the square dance and otherwise vacationing France style (read doing all of the things. Together. The together part is important to us). Then, we returned to Atlanta two days early because…

BIG NEWS: I needed to go to a meeting for the TEDx Peachtree speakers this year because I will be presenting. I played it cool on the phone, as I was discussing this opportunity post pool with my bathing suit on, and then immediately started squealing. I am really excited to be a part of this amazing movement. Tickets are still on sale for October 17, or you can live stream it!

AUGUST: Brought back to school for me AND for my oldest! We bought uniforms and went to open house and Juliet spends five days a week now happily doing whatever her beloved teacher wants her to. Beloved is an understatement. Our schedule has officially changed and we are still adjusting a little to everyone being awake before 7 and not just mom. The biggest change for me is it means the girls don’t sleep in on the weekends like they used to. Juliet loves school and I think Priscilla secretly loves the amount of attention she is suddenly getting without her sister at home.

What we ate:

Grilled Pizza- All the time. All the grilled pizza. Apricot jam with red chili flakes, prosciutto and goat cheese quickly became a favorite although I won’t say no to just old fashioned pepperoni. It takes like ten minutes, tastes fresh and delicious, and everyone loves it! I highly recommend grilling pizza, but don’t skimp on the olive oil or you’ll get a mess on the grill.

Summer Pastas- We loved the lemon basil pasta from the pioneer woman and also a lemon Parmesan one from cooking light. So good, so easy.

What I Opened:

My mouth

I spent a weekend in August filming some of my opinions to put up on you tube. I am excited, but also sort of nervous to put them up on the web. Stay tuned for the exact timing. I have some very awesome and generous friends editing them for me.

I also read at the Decatur Book Festival. It took me about 2 minutes to find my groove, but it was so fun. I read A Prayer for Ferguson and a young artist asked me to sign his sketch of Mike Brown. I was incredibly flattered. Also, I am amazed at how quickly all the speech team skills come flooding back to you.


My friend gave me an advent calendar full of back to school presents. Every day for 15 days I opened one. It was awesome and totally made the beginning of the year great. I think my favorite thing was the zen rock garden, but really I loved everything.

What we watched:

Game of Thrones Christian and I managed to power through all four seasons this summer. You should be impressed. And yes, they are as good as everyone says, and yes you should watch them.

Buffy- somehow we both missed this the first go round, but Christian and I have started watching Buffy together. So far so good, the special effects are hilariously bad. But I think this is a good “together” show for us.

Guardians of the Galaxy- Originally I was completely opposed to watching this movie. (I draw the line at superheroes in space.) But I got talked into it, and I loved it. Who knew my rule should be no super-heroes in space unless there is a talking raccoon. Now I know. Thoroughly enjoyable.

State we were in-

Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, New Jersey,

As always I am linking up with the lovely Leigh for her monthly what I am into post.


3 thoughts on “What I am into: (June, July) August 2014

  1. You were in my state! Virginia. I am interested in what you will be doing for TEDx. I watched Orphan Black this summer which has an amazing actress. A BBC show and on Amazon. Grilled pizza sound great.

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