To the Mama’s at the pool: You’re lookin’ good!

Hey their mama! I see you at the pool. I see you with your kiddos and your snack bags and your towels and your sunscreen. I just wanted to tell you, You look good! Yes, girl, I am talking to you.

I just wanted to tell you: YOU LOOK GOOD!

Nothing like a swimsuit selfie to prove your point.

Nothing like a swimsuit selfie to prove your point.

You look good in your high-waisted bikini. And I see that you know it. You thought you were never going to wear a bikini again and then BAM! Retro is back and you are rocking it!

You look good!

I see you mama, in your suit from last year. I know it doesn’t fit the way it did before you had a baby. I know it looks a little off to you in the mirror. But lady, I promise,

You look good!

You look good as you are dragging your baby in his sun hat he refuses to keep on through the pool in the turtle floaty. You look good nursing in the corner. I am totally impressed with your ability to nurse in a wet bathing suit with your muslin blanket tucked into your strap. WOW!

And you, with your three kids, and your swim shorts. You look good in the pool girl! I know you feel a little frumpy, your “baby” is three and you haven’t gotten the baby weight off and you are looking at the lady with the sixth month old and with the flat abs and nursing boobs, thinking you are inferior. You aren’t!

You look good! I promise you look good!

I see you, tattooed mama. I see the way the bottoms of your bathing suit looks just like your art covering your whole left side. I see the way you made me do a double take because I kept thinking your booty was tattooed and not covered by cloth. I like your sense of style. You look good!

I see you, mama in the one piece, and the two piece and the shorts and the skirts and the t-shirts. You are at the pool, you are in the pool. You are walking around in public in your swim suit. And YOU LOOK GOOD.

Don’t worry about it girl! You got this! You don’t need to be pulling and fixing and covering up! This life is about showing up, and YOU ARE ALREADY AT THE POOL!

I see you poolside mama. I just wanted to let you know:

You look good.

These girls think you look REAL good!

These girls think you look REAL good!

12 thoughts on “To the Mama’s at the pool: You’re lookin’ good!

  1. wow! Amazeballs! This is so, so good. I want to print it, frame it and keep it by the door with our swim stuff so I’m forced to read it every time we go to the pool.

  2. JUST what I struggled with this week. My boys wanted to go to the brand new, awesome pool in their school community instead of our out of zone Y pool. I should’ve just been glad my boys weren’t embarrassed to be seen with me. Instead I found myself uncomfortable with the thought of being seen by my students (& parents) in my uncovered state. You think teachers get some funny looks at the grocery store? It’s nothing like their sweet eyes checking you out in your swimsuit! Well, we went and we all had fun. At my age I should know that most people have more things on their mind than what I look like. I guess I decided that no one really cared but I never once thought maybe, just maybe, someone may have found some positivity in my mess. Thanks, Abby, for just the thought of that possibility!

  3. Oh, well done. The agony of swimsuit-appearances. . . like nothing else on earth. Thanks for encouraging everyone to enjoy the warm weather, no matter their size or shape. EVERYBODY looks good.

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