What I am into May: Grilling and Game of Thrones

May is over and SO IS SCHOOL! Yeah! It was a good but hard year in my classroom. I am happy to report that for the first time in my teaching career all of my students met or exceeded expectations on their standardized test. I would like to take all the credit for that, but that isn’t real. Still. It was nice. As my made my list of things I was into this May, I realized all the stand outs came in the categories Food and Television I tried frantically to come up with something more cultured and instead decided to tell the truth.


Tony’s – My friend Megan and I spend a lot of time talking in our minimum two hour commute. She kept saying. “You don’t know about Tony’s!” Whenever we talked about seasoning. Nope. I didn’t. So she got me some. Now I do. Whoa. The jar says great on everything and that is real. So far I have put it on steak, chicken, mixed in with mayonnaise, on my eggs, seriously anything I add salt to, I try Tony’s. It has apparently, been sitting on my grocery shelves and I didn’t even know it. Get some. Now.



Grilling and Eating Outside- The warm weather means that the Norman’s are outdoors as much as possible. I grilled this awesome chicken for this awesome chicken sandwich. It was as delicious as it looks.2014-06-03 18.13.22

And mostly, we eat outside. Because then I have way less cleaning up to do. I also, just really like eating outside. I would probably do it even if it were more work.

2014-05-27 18.55.45

We were also into dog sitting. She is such a good girl.

Cold Press Coffee- My friend posted a picture of her cold coffee at home and I was like HOW DO YOU DO THAT! Then my other friend posted a link for the Pioneer Woman’s Cold Press Coffee and was like this is so easy! And I was like if that works I am going to want to make out with you a little. Yeah. I for sure want to make out with her a little. We have been rolling hard with the cold press coffee. Sometimes on the weekend I even put some sweetened condensed milk in there and make some Thai iced-coffee. Yes!

2014-05-30 16.34.59

Peaches- 2014-05-20 19.12.47

I got two bags of peaches from Pearsons at the local farmer’s market. Y’all they were so good! So, so good! I thought they were perfect just eating them. Then I put them in this sorbet that was super easy and it only has six tablespoons of sugar for eight peaches! And it is awesome.

2014-05-24 21.44.02

Oh, dropping some in some wine was awesome too!

Trader Joe’s White Wine- Speaking of wine, I am loving Trader Joe’s white wine selection. Partly because it is delicious and about five dollars a bottle. Partly because the bottles are so pretty.

2014-05-20 19.29.47


Game of Thrones- After house of cards, we needed something to watch. Someone lent us the first two seasons and everyone we know is talking about it. We started two week ago and are on season two. It is good. I am usually not into fantasy, but I am into this. I am picking my pony now. I like Aria Stark. But don’t you DARE tell me what happens!

Scandal- I started watching Scandal and flew through seasons one and two. I just can’t watch anything in real time, so I waited for season three to come out on Netflix then devoured it in two weeks or less. If I am honest, I get annoyed with Olivia Pope even though all my friends think she is amazing. You don’t get to do bad things and then call yourself good. I liked season three because people told her about herself.

Orphan Black- If I had to pick one show to watch right now this would be it. It is about clones so one woman plays most of the characters. As someone who used to play multiple characters, she is a g-e-n-i-us.



Book Proposals- I got a lot of great feedback about my book proposal, and then I just got totally overwhelmed about diving in again and I quit. I gave myself a serious deadline. I mean business. It will be done by June 16.

Scarcity Hunters Newsletter- I started a newsletter in May. It is awesome. I think it is the very best thing I am writing lately. I have heard the same thing from the people who are getting it. You want in. You really do. You can find it here.

What I anticipate being into in June:




As always I am linking up with Leigh Kramer’s what I am into.  It is fun. you should try it!

9 thoughts on “What I am into May: Grilling and Game of Thrones

  1. I am enjoying the second season of Orphan Black. I think that Tatiana Maslany does an amazing job playing those 5 main characters. They are all so different it never feels like it is the same actress. BBC America has some good shows. I’m training to run my first ever half marathon at the end of the month. Hope we can make it to Atlanta sometimes to see the Braves play. We may also try to catch them in Washington.

  2. May I come over to your house so you can feed me all that yummy food? We too are enveloped within Scandal …even though it’s a little over the top in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, I’m having a pure love affair with it. Congrats on chipping away at the book proposal!

  3. Wine, peaches, wine! Speaking of wine is the one you pictured sweet, dry, in between? I love Trader Joes wine too!

  4. I’m hopping over from What I’m Into. I’ll have to check out Orphan Black. I saw it on either Hulu or Amazon and it looked interesting and I’m always looking for something to watch over the summer, so thanks for the recommendation! I took almost the same picture of a peach in my hand the other day! I love a peach when the juice just runs down my chin! And I love eating outside, too! Enjoy your June!

  5. Next week I am into strawberries from Creques berry farm. The 2 weeks after I am into painting the interior of my house! (The exclamation point means I am working up the motivation.) And I love the picture of those pool cuties!

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