There Will Be Another Boat

warning: swears. Sorry, it happens when I talk about scarcity

I declared a hunt on scarcity. Because she was ruining my life. And wouldn’t you know it, that bitch came after me first. A few of my friends are doing some really cool and really brave things, and I want to celebrate and encourage them, but I am too afraid they are going to leave me behind.

It might look different for you, but for me, I can tell I am believing in scarcity when my breathing quickens and my chest clamps up. I get nervous and jittery and start refreshing my email because. What if I miss it? What if I miss my chance? What if I miss the boat? What if an email comes, a tweet rolls by, someone puts something on Facebook and I don’t do it and I should do it and I miss my shot? 

What if the boat comes and goes and I am standing on the dock with my bags screaming WAIT!!? What if all my friends are on the boat toasting each other and sailing away into the sunset and I am on the deck crying? WHAT THEN?

What then…. then, another boat will come. And if it doesn’t a bus, or a train, or a rickshaw, or I will walk if I have to. Or one of my friends on that boat will make the captain turn the boat around. Because my belief that I missed the boat is a belief in a scarcity of chances to get it right. But God is a God of abundance, abundant love, abundant chances. When I tell people that God’s mercies are new every morning, I need to know that is true of my art too. If I miss this boat, another one is coming.

Somewhere a long the way I heard and believed of this BIG GOD. But I somehow missed the part about his BIG GRACE. So I thought that mean that God cared about every single thing I did and I better get it all right. I better not miss any boat He has for me. 

But that is scarcity talking and IT IS A LIE! There are all the boats. I don’t have to worry when my friends hop on a really cool boat that isn’t for me. I get to send them off with a hug and a cheer and a peace that there are an abundance of ways! See you at the finish line lovely ladies! That boat wasn’t for me. That is okay. I don’t have to be afraid that no other boat is coming.

So, I have two AWESOME friends who are trying to flag down some cool boats. Will you help them? As a way to fight scarcity for me, but probably for you too?

Esther is trying to get Anne Lamott to endorse her book, or at least consider it. Y’all this is awesome. Go be a part of something outlandish and fun.

And Maritza is asking for votes for the Noonday Collection trip to Rwanda. We need a bi-lingual biracial tell the truth sister on that trip. Go vote for her!

What lies has scarcity been telling you? How can we help you fight them?

OH! and if you are afraid your way is wrong, Bethany can help you right here.


7 thoughts on “There Will Be Another Boat

      • I do think if we think “being on the boat” means we are making an impact in big ways I think we often don’t realize how may different boats that God has. We often don’t realize the impact we are having day to day. I think you are one who is already making a big impact whichever boat you are on or not. I also think wherever we are at we need to look where we can stand in gaps to help others along and to touch them in whatever ways are in front of us.

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