I Will Always Break Bread With My Sister

There has been some talk lately, from people with much farther reaches than I, from people with much larger platforms. They have had enough. They are over it. It is far past time that the church recognizes their women as fully gifted, as fully called. There has been talk of leaving, of refusing to go to churches, or conferences, or publishers who affirm our complimentarian counter parts.

I am a southern baptist feminist. I understand the frustration. Believe me I do. I know the pain of being passed over with a “we’ll pray about it” when you finally have the courage to call yourself called. I know why you would want to walk away. Believe me I understand.

But I can’t be a part of this schism. I won’t be a part of this break.


I will always break bread with my sister.

Of course I mean my sisters in christ, of my fellow believers, of the ones adopted by the same eternal dad as me.

But also, I mean my sister. My sister sister. The one who shared a bathroom with me my entire life. The one who has the same eyes as me. We look so much alike our high school band director has to ask which one we are when we come back to visit.

That sister, my sister sister, I will always break bread with her.

My sister who texts me when I spoke truth on my blog, the one who challenges me in the comments, the one who shipped all her maternity clothes to me, and the tiny pink onesies when we found out it was another girl.

My sister-sister who happens to have different views about women and calling. Who was raised in the same house and the same church, who deeply loves the same God that I do.

I will always break bread with my sister.

It isn’t just something the Lord has called us to. It is an honor. It is a joy.

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6 thoughts on “I Will Always Break Bread With My Sister

  1. I love this Abby! Such a lovely and beautiful reaponse to all of the talk going around. In fact, I would dare to say, a kind response and response that reminds me of why I am a woman bringing everyone to the table.

  2. I am one of those ones that isn’t “leaving,” but is taking a step back. and my sister is like yours, so different in our views on women and faith, but one that I will never ever cease breaking bread with, regardless.

    i love your heart, friend. ❤

  3. again I will say thank you! I love you too and am honored and filled with joy that we can and will break bread together. Amen sister, Amen.

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