When You’ve Never Been Called, Called

Maybe you have never been called, called. You’ve never been singled out and spoken to in a way that made us know: “She is called to this.” 

You know and love the still small voice. You are familiar with the intimate rise in the rhythm of your chest, one that is only between the spirit and you. But sometimes you long for a voice that is connected to a person (and maybe a Twitter account). Is that so wrong?

Maybe the only thing you have ever been told you are called to is motherhood. That wasn’t by name You are called to motherhood. That was ladies you are called to motherhood. It isn’t the same thing. It isn’t even close.

Called. It is the Jesus trump card.It is easy to call yourself called when someone else has already given you that title, laid hands and the mantle of called on your shoulders.

But what if they haven’t? Are you any less called? Are you not called if they have never had you stand, never laid their hands on your head or anointed you with oil?

Come closer love. Closer. Let me whisper this into your ear. You are called. Has it sunk into your heart yet. You. Are. Called. Now let me stand you up and square your shoulders. Raise your chin. Let me place the mantle on you in front of your proud parents and the gawking nay-sayers: this one, She is CALLED.

Now stop worrying about what they have to say. They don’t get to decide. Let me slow that down for you. Lean in close. They don’t get to decide. The pastors, the figure heads, the blogosphere gatekeepers, they don’t get to decide whether or not you are called.

Being called is between you and the caller. If he has called you, you are called.

Now let me give you a heads up, about this calling thing. There is enough. There is enough. The world will tell you there is only so much calling to go around, that if someone else is called, then perhaps you aren’t. This is a lie. There is no scarcity of calling or called. There is enough.

You are CALLED. And now, you have been called, called. So go on with your work sister-friend. You have been called to it.

10 thoughts on “When You’ve Never Been Called, Called

  1. Lk. 10:2 The Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

    So what does a worker do? Get up every morning, go where you are sent (the factory, the laundry room, the office, the Boy Scout meeting), pray, read scripture, thank and praise the Lord, love his people.
    Sometimes I think a calling is pretty simple and obvious – we make it complex and mystical.

    • Amen, Jesus calls everyone who believes in Him to go and make disciples of all nations, wherever you are, you are called if you love Jesus.

  2. Abby,
    I often think about “being called”. No one has ever said I was called to anything. I do know we have all be called to follow Jesus and obey but what is that special thing I do that could be a calling? I think we all have something; I think if you look you will find it and when you do you don’t have to make it known but I would encourage you to build upon it; to see how you can be the best you can be at whatever it is. Part of me hopes no one ever figures out what I think I have been called to and if so then I shall be satisfied. For I don’t think our purpose for being called to something is to be rewarded for what we do or recognized although that is nice at times. To be faithful to whatever it is will be something heaven will boast about someday I think.

  3. Abby,
    I would certainly say you have been called. To teach.. not only in a classroom but here in the cloud too. For I know I learn here as well as others. I think you have been called as well to be an advocate for I notice how well you do that. I think you are also one who encourages as you share your struggles I think you give people hope as they struggle too. You also are one who willingly steps out of your comfort zone to do worthwhile things.

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