Instead of an angry blog post

I was pretty much done in today. Christian leaves for the National Communication Conference next week. Last night we started doing the text/facebook/phone call asking that needs to be done when we need extra babysitting. I am very very lucky to have such great people in my life that are ready and able to watch my girls. But I still hate asking them. I know that being a stay at home mom is hard work without two extra kiddos. I know that the flex-day middle of the week time is precious to a working mom. If only I had made other choices I wouldn’t have to depend on these very generous people.

All of this plus a whole lot of big feelings about how the word called is often used as a sword when it should be a plowshare. It doesn’t take a genius to see the power structures at play when you look at the patterns of who gets called called. I mean the only thing the church has called me to is motherhood, and here I am calling around trying to put that on other women in my life….and I was fired up, and sad.

But then, but then my dear friend Esther told me she wrote something and it might be for me. And then I ugly cried at my desk. I don’t have to be called called by anyone other than the one who already did. Esther is brilliant. Just go read it. 

12 thoughts on “Instead of an angry blog post

  1. That post of Esther’s brought me to tears. I am so thankful for it.
    I know you know this. But, it never hurts to hear another agree. Abby, you are so very called to the holy work you do. Who you are and what you do matters so dang much.

    • Thank you. It is especially hard when the only “calling” the church regularly affirms women in is their calling to motherhood and wifedom. But I am learning to hear the whisper of the calling, and pay close attention to the ones who see my heart. Thank you for the affirmation.

  2. I love you and want you to be everything God has called you to be, but i also hope and pray that the church does not turn you against the Holy callings of wife and mother. Some women are called to other roles as well, but some struggle to fill the huge responsibility of being ‘just a wife and mother’. i agree that we as men and women in the body of Christ should support each other however we can.

    • I hope you didn’t hear ‘just a wife and mother’ in this. That was NOT the intention. I think stay at home mom is a super hard job. It is just that it seems to be the only thing the church affirms, so when you aren’t and need to ask these amazing women for help…you end up feeling like you are doing it wrong. I know I am not, it just feels like that.

  3. This was wonderful. Thank you for sharing, Abby!
    You know you have a soul sister in me. We think we can and should do everything… And feel threatened when anyone tries to help. Or feel defeated when we can’t do it all ourself. It’s as if I want others to ask permission to help me. I say I will ask for help if I need it, but chances are otherwise. Will we ever learn?

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