So, it is a little crazy

I am getting up earlier and earlier. I have been art journaling and working on contemplative prayer as a component of the writing class I am taking. I signed up for a writing class that started the same week I started school. I would tell you how I feel about that, but I am simply too tired.

This is a little crazy, this chasing my dreams. When I speak it out loud, it doesn’t sound any less nuts. I have two kids and a marriage to keep up with. I have a job I am good at, and most days really love. I think my work is important and it pays the bills. And yet there is this calling. This voice in the distance asking me to venture out, off the well trod path.

Who do I think I am? Why do I think this art I am making is important? Is anyone listening? Why bother. The questions can sometimes call so much louder than the voice. But when my heart is at rest, still it calls. And I suppose that is why I am doing this. The quiet in the morning helps me hear the voice. I can hear myself moving closer.

So, yes my schedule is a little crazy, and attempting to edit my way through a book during the first 12 weeks of school is a little nuts. But the voice is calling, I can hear it. So it is a little crazy, so what.

6 thoughts on “So, it is a little crazy

  1. If it’s soul-feeding, it needs to be done. I returned to the classroom after 17 years of doing other things AND started grad school at the same exact time, so I understand how daunting it looks from that end of the tunnel. But I made it out of the other end two years later with myself, my family, and my job fairly unscathed–and felt like I set a good example for my kids, seeing that learning doesn’t end at 18 or 22 (it had been 25 years since my B.S. graduation). Hoping you will see the light at the other end and feel fulfilled, too.

    • Oh, and should have said an example to my students, too, who knew their teacher was doing more homework than they were!

  2. Life with a job and 2 little kids is going to be crazy. You are wise to go with it and also work on what you are called to. Listen for God’s timing.

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