Let Us Commune Together

May we be marked by our meetings over the communion table, may we break bread together, may we pour out our cups, may we see Christ in the face of those we disagree with.

When we are sure there can be no bridge long enough to reach us both. When we are sure we are sure there is no more common ground. Let us meet at the communion table, let us commune together.

When we have traveled the circle of theological argument until the path we tread lightly at first becomes a trench we can no longer see above, may we stand on the truth of the bread and the cup and look our fellow brothers and sisters in the eye.

May we give the bread to those we fight with, freely and without strings. May we receive the cup from the ones we are sure are wrong. May we commune together as brothers and sisters. May we allow the bread and cup to cover us both.

May we be people marked by communion. May we depart from the table, humbled and changed. Let us commune together.

2 thoughts on “Let Us Commune Together

  1. As one who communes weekly, let me say I love the way your words lift up my prayer. At some times it is a prayer of confession – I don’t always walk across the bridge; I sometimes use an umbrella to prevent God’s love from raining down on both me an “them”. At some times, this prayer is the prayer of humble thanksgiving which glorifies God.

    • The tradition that you and Dad raised me in honors the communion table and I have seriously benefitted from that. Ugh the umbrella metaphor YES! I will keep God’s love from me, because I don’t want you to have it either! I do that.

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