Brave the Storm

Michael was waiting for me when I came in to school. His normally bright and happy face looked sad. “You know that thing you are going through … with your g-g-grandpa?” he stammered emotionally. “Well, I am sort of going through the same thing.”

Michael knew that our class had been interrupted the day before for me to take a phone call—the one in which I would say goodbye to my grandfather. We went into the other room so he would not cry in front of his friends. The freshman boy ego is a delicate thing. He told me his great grandmother was dying in the hospital.

I am honored and humbled to be featured today at She Loves Magazine. Their work this whole month has been incredible. Won’t you join me there?

4 thoughts on “Brave the Storm

  1. I really enjoyed this. I tend to do the same thing, but somehow, in spite of my failures, people often share their burdens with me. This is a privilege, not scary as I have sometimes viewed it. Because I know the one who heals all pain, I don’t have to offer a solution or bring healing. I just need to be there. Thank you!

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