My Year in Review: Grace in Abundance

A year ago today I wrote this post, with this sentence “I want to give grace because the world says it is unnecessary and a waste of time. But I believe it is healing and facilitates the freedom to do better.” A friend commented, I met with someone about my writing and Accidental Devotional was born. I learned a lot about extending grace this year, to myself, to my body, to my friends. I learned as much about receiving grace, from my myself, my body, my friends, but mostly from my God.

Highlight real commence:

In January I asked the question Does God believe in working moms? and admitted to hearing the Failure Sirens more often than I should.

In February I developed the Norman Family Creed and declared myself a Jesus Lover.  I encouraged you to Cast off Your Chains.

March was a big month. I watched God turn Pee into Living water, Clean my Wound, serve me Accidental Communion. I wrote about both Tim Tebow and Trayvon Martin and my blog got three thousand hits in 3 days!

April brought a rant against Pinterest and the liars who use it. Also, thoughts on bullying and Jesus.

In May the Peanut turned 2! I remembered my friends struggling on Mother’s Day.

June brought stepping into the deep end. July, Unruly Hair and Scissors

In August I prepared my heart for the Rooster turning 1.

September brought Mercy Mondays and I joined with Water Boarding is not Merciful. Turns out some of my best posts come from other’s prompts.

October was a big month. (I supposes birthday months are.) I came clean about my healing, my Baptist/Feminist dichotomy, my voting and praying habits. I had another Mercy Monday doozy and told you to stop shoulding on people.

November I wrote about Old People and my Thanksgiving Day Miracle. I had a Conversation with Myself.

December was my Advent Series.

This year was a big one and I am flattered when I look back. Thank you for reading, for encouraging me, for giving me room to grow. This year brought two different people bringing me to their friend for advice because they believe this space matters. I am grateful for your grace and look forward to what is next. 2013’s word is a doozy!

5 thoughts on “My Year in Review: Grace in Abundance

  1. Abby, if you ever again put up a post that’s 90% links to other posts, I’m not reading it! I’ve been at this since before dinner and it’s nearly 8:00.

  2. Can’t wait to see what God does this year, through this space, your life, and your writing. Love you sis and believe that God has given you a SERIOUS talent for being vulnerable and sharing what he has for other people through words. Don’t doubt yourself, you’d be doubting the creator.

  3. You’re right, I probably did read a lot of them before but then I got so interested in the blog that was supposed to synthesize it all that I had to go back and refresh my memory.

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