Love in the Waiting

Advent has come and gone. Santa came and we lit the Christ candle a few days ago. And yet, here I am, blogging through advent. Because this is not the end. My grandfather dying, the mourning families in Newton, the broken relationships, the fiscal cliff. This is not the end. We are waiting on love, and so we wait in love.

Sometimes we get it just right, sometimes we mess it all up, sometimes, most times, we do the best we can and it is somewhere between those too. But always, always, things done in love are not wasted. Every drop the Lord can use. We love in the waiting, because we are waiting on love. And it  is enough because am enough. And I am enough because He is enough. And that is who we are waiting for.

He came once, he is coming again. Hallelujah.

(This is the conclusion of my advent series. You can find the rest here.)

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