Happy Birthday Rooster!

Dear Rooster-Head,

I look at you and it is a daily reminder that God knows best. He messed up your daddy and my plans of a 4 year break between kids, and I am so very, very grateful. Lovely, sweet and gentle, you are my old soul. Your eyes speak of things you cannot yet voice, and look straight into people. It is as though you see people for what they are and know inherently to be gentle with them. You seem to also know what they could be.

Your smiles and cheers are a little harder to earn when compared to your sister but they are well worth it. I am afraid you have inherited my laugh…big and sharp and loud. HA! It is so delightfully incongruous from you as well. No feminine giggle, you save it all up for the big one, just a little more tummy tickling…then….HA! Again, again!

You, my dear, are impossible to distract. I find myself giving in to the thing you want because I know you will eventually get it. If I put the remote control on top of the refrigerator, I am convinced you could find a way to get there. Bed time has gotten later and later (you are awake even as I write this at 10:30, you are playing at the coffee table) simply because if I do not let you stay up here, you will stay up in your bed. This both makes me crazy and admire you.

This year has been so crazy, a true whirlwind of a year. I find myself spinning around asking, “how is it possible that a whole year has passed” and in the same breath “how is it possible that Rilla was once not with us.” It has been crazy, but goodness do you make it worth it. I love you, Happy First Birthday!


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