Be thou my…..

Be thou my wisdom and thou my true word. I stopped to stare at those words on the screen as I attempted to coral the toddler and keep an eye on the baby, who has this week developed a most hilarious sense of humor. She was sitting in my mom’s arms and attempting to grab a hold of her aunt’s dress and lift it up simply because it makes her grin.

I love it when a hymn written origanly in old irish, translated to english in 1905, and “versified” in 1912 (I love wikipedia!) sings the words that my heart has been trying to form. My truest word…..what if everything I write that speaks to someones heart gets ascribed to Him? What if my truest words were the ones given to me, and not really mine at all. Every smart thing I think and say is His. Every good thing I see, I see through the eyes of Jesus.

Yes, let’s pray for that today, shall we? Me first.

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