Identity: Jesus Lover (Five Minute Friday)

Ms. Norman! Is screamed at me, hollered at me, whined at me, hello-ed to me, smiled at me, more often than the phrase “mommy.” I only have two children (currently) and only one of them talks. I have over a hundred students trying to get my attention at various parts in the day.

Currently my students are working on their projects while I am avoiding my grading by looking up the tattoo I think I want for my thirieth birthday on the internet. I may have a year and a half to work out the details, but you can never start researching too early! Especially when you are attempting to avoid grading your students final projects.

Every day I drive from the school where “Ms. Norman” is being hollered at me, to home, where I am greeted by a delightful squeal from my two-year-old “Mommy!” There is very little time to just be me in between, and who is that me anyway?

I don’t know what that answer is now, but I know what I want it to be. I know what I want inked on to my foot where I can look at it lest I get confused, and engraved onto my tombstone. I want to be a Jesus Lover. If you only get one sentence to eulogize me, I want it to be “She loved Jesus.” Mommy, wife, teacher, friend, I want to be good at all of those things, but mostly I want to be a Jesus Lover.

Now if I can only find the perfect font……

3 thoughts on “Identity: Jesus Lover (Five Minute Friday)

  1. Yes! I know exactly know what you mean! So many times I’m “mama” and “wifey”, but I want to be sure that “Jesus lover” is first and foremost. That’s when I’ll be a better mama and wifey. Blessings to your day!

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