Rooster 6 Months

I know things have been a little dark around these parts lately. I want to be a truth teller, and sometimes my truth is dark. Lately life has been coming at my little family wave after wave until even the frantic breathing between the waves feels overwhelming. Amidst all this crashing the Rooster turned 6 months old. How did that happen?

The Peanut is doing fancier tricks with the walking and the talking and the asserting her own will. So sometimes Rooster takes a back seat. But she is so amazing and for sure deserves her own update every once in a while.

Dear Rooster-Head,

There are so many things I never want to forget about these months. When you see me for the first time at the end of the day you reach up and touch my face, sometimes you grab it with both hands and pull me in for a baby open-mouthed kiss. When you meet someone new you like to hold their face in your hands and really study it with those huge eyes. It is as if you are letting that person know that they matter, that you see them.

You have such a gentle soul. I am attracted to soft patterns and old-fashioned shapes when I get a chance to pick out your clothes. With your sister it was bold and bright. Lions and tigers. With you I love soft plaids, elephants and giraffes. Teeny tiny polka dots. It is your way to quietly go about the business of being you, and it is such a privilege to watch.

Lately you have been reaching for things you want, like our food or someone else to hold you. Your daddy, me, your Aunt Jill and Uncle Calvin, none of us can resist those reaches. You make us feel so special.

I love the way you love your sister, how you love it when she holds you even when you are clearly uncomfortable. Or the way you giggle when she climbs on top of you to “hug.” I can’t believe you don’t get upset, but you think those moments are glorious.

You are still such a very good baby. So good that people sometimes feel the need to tell me just how very lucky I am. But I do know just how very lucky I am Rilla-Roo. I get to watch you grow into yourself. This is just the beginning and I am very, very blessed.



3 thoughts on “Rooster 6 Months

  1. Ahh… this was so sweet. As a mom I really enjoyed it- I will probably stop and reflect on Audreyisms for a few minutes today.

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