I need to grow up

I’ve come to the conclusion that God made me a high school English teacher because I can relate to the kids. Because I think my maturity maxed out at 16. Good thing I don’t teach Seniors. For example

*When teaching about rebuttals I giggled every single time I said “rebut”

*Our new principal’s name is Dr. Sauce and I could not get over it. Like, one of my students actually said to me “it isn’t really that cool, you can stop talking about it.”

*I got an email that had some news that I knew my friend would want. So I told my other teacher in the room I had to go to the bathroom. I snuck my phone into the bathroom to text her.

*I almost said the s word today because I was coming up with an alliterative poem off the top of my head and needed a verb that started with the “sh” sound. I then said “I almost said a curse! and erupted into uncontrollable giggles. Then my team teacher replaced it with “sharted” and I really lost it.

*A kid farted today during a weird silence and I started snickering.

Some days (usually the same days the kids look at me like I have lost my mind) I really like my job.

4 thoughts on “I need to grow up

  1. Hahahahaha, a few weeks ago my phone started vibrating on the window sill during a music therapy session, and the client (teenage girl) kept repeating ‘it’s not gas, it’s not gas’ randomly throughout the rest of the 45 minute session! I almost lost the battle with my giggles!

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