Uh Oh!

Peanut is using new words by the second. Her current favorite is Uh-Oh! Ever the English teacher I am attempting to get her to use her new word only when appropriate. It has been going something like this:

Peanut (dropping her sippy cup on purpose): Uh-Oh!
Me: Peanut, that isn’t an uh-oh. That was on purpose.
Peanut: (Looking at the cup and then me): Uh-Oh!
Me: No, not an uh
Peanut (interrupting): Uh-Oh! Uh-Oh!
Me: No, purpose
Peanut: Uh-Oh
Me: No because you
Peanut (interrupting again):Uh-OH UH-OH!

Christian: You just lost that debate to an 11 month old.

Me: Fine, here is you sippy, don’t drop
Peanut (you guessed it): Uh-Oh!

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