The Peanut has learned a new trick, and it isn’t winning her any new friends, or even getting her fed what she wants (well her OTHER new trick, licking her lips, is getting her more strawberry pie. I can’t help it. It is really cute). It is only making her, and me, and her babysitter tired and cranky.

The Peanut has figured out how to crawl up the walls of both the pack and play, and the crib. She then pulls herself into a standing position. This way she can’t go to sleep when she doesn’t want to. Lying on her back was allowing her to drift off into dream world. The only problem is…..she has yet to learn how to move herself from her standing position to the sitting one. She gets up there, gets herself stuck, and then gets PISSED OFF. SOMEONE GET ME DOWN! WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE ME UP HERE! Now I know some of you would say that I should just leave her there until she lets go. But I tried that, for far longer than I would ever admit to on the internet. The kid has a stubborn streak (we will go ahead and blame that on her father. Yeah….. Right….she gets that from her dad.) And you would think that eventually she would fall down, but she doesn’t trust me. Or if you still don’t believe me Christian has a meeting on Wednesday, if you are available to babysit you can see for yourself.

I don’t know quite what we are going to do about it, but I was talking to my sister Jill on the phone and she pointed out how many spiritual applications this particular situation has. How many times does God put me in a situation the exact way I need to be in it, with everything I need…..and I manuever out of the situation to a position I have decided I would rather be in? I don’t want to (apologize, get up on time, tell someone that really random specific word, confront someone, the list goes on.) so I do what I want instead of what God wants. Then I get really pissed that He would strand me there, standing up, cranky, and exhausted. How could God just abandon me in that situation? HOW DARE HIM! And I don’t even have the decency to wiggle my butt back where it belongs. I call out louder and angrier furious that God would leave me in this position. I thought I had at least until the Peanut’s second birthday before I say my faults her dad’s faults so clearly in her.

So two questions for you, A.) Who else sees themselves in this situation? and B.) Does anyone know how to out smart my 10 month old? Even Elizabeth is stumped. She always has the answer!

5 thoughts on “WHAAAA Get me OUT!!

  1. O.K. Here is what your Mom did when you did this very thing. Take off the bedding and spray the mattress with Pam. That should keep her down. Actually we never did that with you but its a thought. If you try it be very careful when you take her out of the crib. She might be slippery.

  2. John-LOLOL! I LOVE the pam idea! heehee! Ok, this is the sitter…and yep, I'm stumped too! Tho I love that Abby thinks I know it all! 😉 Unfortunately as she knows (being my awesome friend AND accountability partner) I quite fit the spiritual side of this. Boo. But true! So I guess now my prayer is "God I'm sorry – how do I wiggle back down?"

  3. that's the trick Elizabeth, it seems that God doesn't want us to wiggle back down… he wants us to let go and fall and trust that he has put us on a nice cushy mattress! No ideas for you either B except padded smooth walls… hmmm… new invention, baby proof walls to insert into a crib during this stage of the development! I'm gonna be rich (at least according to Faithful)!

  4. I love you all! even you babysitter who I have not even met yet! These blogs are always good for a laugh, especially with Dad's commentary, or a cry, either one is much appreciated! -Emily

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