Operator Error

So I hopped in my car last Monday, and it wouldn’t turn on. I was a little annoyed, but not extremely. It has been running kind of hot lately and I had had a big weekend. I thought maybe I had left the light on or something. Seemed like a battery issue to me. Besides, Christian doesn’t really need a car on Monday, we would figure it out when I get home.

Except me and my husband……we both procrastinate. He took me to school on Tuesday and my sister Jill came and picked me up and we got the peanut. We would look at it on Wednesday….but we didn’t….and Calvin came to get me on Thursday. Finally, yesterday we got around to looking at my lovely Craigslist special.

We were stumped, until Christian went to throw it in neutral and found that I had never put it in park when I got out Saturday night…..so it wasn’t in park when I went to start it Monday. So it wouldn’t start. Christian was so glad it was a free and easy fix he wasn’t that annoyed with me.

Man, this would be far less embarrassing if it was the first time it happened……….

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