Sometimes, it all comes down to boobs

So, my day job is teaching high school kids. I think the litmus test for teaching high school should be do you think immature high school boys are funny? If the answer is no, you will be unable to keep your sanity. However, if the answer is yes, you can be entertained all day. This particular post has no spiritual application. I just thought the conversation was hilarious.

I have a large Mexican contingent this semester in my last block. These three boys have promised to keep my on toes. No post lunch napping for me! This was the conversation we had the other day.

Me: Okay, now that we know what plot is I want you to get into groups of two or three and think of a movie you all have seen. Then I want you to diagram the plot. I will call on you in 5 minutes.

Boys (to each other): Okay we all have seen “Girls Gone Wild”

Me (interrupting): You can’t do “Girls Gone Wild”

Boys: Why not? We’ve all seen it. You said, pick a movie you’ve all seen, we’ve all seen it.

Me: You can’t do that movie because it doesn’t have a plot…..Not that I have seen them, but from the commercials on TV, there is no plot

One boy: Sure there is the exposition they tell their name, then they are like no no I can’t then-

Me: No boobs! The rule is no boobs so you can’t do “Girls Gone Wild” choose something else.

Later we were doing this activity where you circulate a story so each group does a different piece. They received a story about a princess trying to find her father.

Boy: Then right as the bounty hunter is about to kill the dad, the princess flashes him-

Me: Don’t I have a no boobs policy in here?

Boy: Flashes him with her flash light and he is blinded for a second so he misses with the ax. What were you thinking teacher?

Me: Oh, of course, what was I thinking……

Boy: Oh and we diagrammed our movie

Boy 2: Yeah it is “Dear John”” but no homo

I walked away. After the battle of the boobs I didn’t have the energy to fight that one……

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