Stupid Blessed

When I worked with a different population I would hear slang used more regularly than I do now. I miss that. I love how malleable our language is. I love the new ways to use old words people come up with.

Stupid is one of those words. My kids started using it as an adjective to mean excessively or abundantly. But not just excessively or abundantly. So excessively, so abundantly that it no longer makes sense for someone to have it in those quantities. As in: Bill Gates is stupid rich. He has so much money he buys whatever he wants, gives a huge amount of it away and he still has that money pouring in hand over fist. It is stupid for him to have anymore.

Today I am declaring. I am stupid blessed. I have so many blessings in my life I don’t even notice them all. I am so blessed I don’t know what to do with all the blessing in my life. It just keeps pouring in. Abundant doesn’t cover the blessing God has given me. I am so blessed, it is crazy, silly, stupid. Stupid blessed.

I could list them all here but that would be boring and take far too long. Instead, I will share with you my Wednesday. I came to school a few minutes early so that I could make copies. It was great except the copiers staple function was malfunctioning, so my kids were going to have to staple their own papers. Tenth graders you can trust to do this reliably, but ninth graders…..Let’s just say that my friend used to tell her ninth graders, “act less like freshman, more like human beings.”

When I turned on my computer I had an email. The mom of one of my students was volunteering today at the front desk, (Guys, I work at a school where the parents have the resources to volunteer.) She was bored last time, was there busy work I could give her? This was a divine appointment. God broke that staple function because He is a good, good God. We had the most incredible conversation when I went to pick up my packets. She told me she prayed for me. She told me I “am writing into the chapters of her daughter’s life.” I hope so. I think I was an encouragement to her as well. It was glorious. Literally, to God be the glory.

Then, on my way home I picked up my children at Elizabeth’s house (there are about 6 blessings in this sentence. Stupid blessed.) and went to get dinner at the Publix to thank the Robinson’s for rescuing us. We had a good day at the grocery store. There is a new manager at the deli section who put in some new systems. Now I don’t even have to wait for my fried chicken! When I went to put the girls back in the car the Peanut was pretty vocal about the fact that getting back in the car was not on her agenda. The older man putting his groceries in his Buick began laughing. Not a mean laugh, an “I too have been there” kind of laugh. When I asked him if he had been there, he replied “more than you know.” He had the most beautiful voice, richer than James Earl Jones…..and that man is Mufasa! It was glorious, to God be the glory.

I am stupid blessed. I pray that I am never stupid enough to forget that.