I think I might be living the dream (and you can too)

Christian looked at me the other day, we were sitting on the couch. Just sitting there, and except for waiting for some laundry to come out of the dryer, we didn’t really have anything else to do. It had literally been years since that happened. We were both really happy.

I’ve been really happy a lot lately. It has been intense, getting everyone to school and getting all the kid pick-ups scheduled. It has been strange to drop that amount of money on books and not be in charge of the cell-phone use of everyone else in the room. It was a little shocking to buy all my books (ouch).

But mostly, I have an overwhelming sense of pride in myself. Y’all. I did this thing. I quit my job, I asked for what I needed. I prayed, I trusted, I hustled. I got really lucky, and I am living the dream, the one I was scared to write down a few years ago when someone  asked me what I wanted.

What did I want? I was a mom, a wife, a teacher. Was I allowed to want? Was I allowed to have big dreams, or even little dreams? Where was the time? Wouldn’t me taking the resources mean someone else , someone I loved wasn’t getting them?

How the heck was I supposed to fit my dreams into my life?

My answer: One sentence at a time. A little here, a little there, until there was a manuscript in my hands, and then chip, chip, chipping away at querying until I finally landed an agent. Doing what I loved in the small time that I had until I pieced those spaces together into a whole life.

I am not promising you will make any money off your dream, and it takes a lot of work to even chase it. But I think you are worth it. I think you can do this. I think I can help.

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1 thought on “I think I might be living the dream (and you can too)

  1. Abby you are young and you can continue to dream! You have time to make it happen! Life does not end at 30, as you have discovered, nor does it end at 40, 50, or even 60. Keep dreaming!

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