Jesus is Hilarious

I have been writing for She Loves for the last few months, things I learn in seminary that everyone needs to know. This month I am thrilled to be talking about new ways in which I have encountered Jesus. Seminary is for everybody!

I wish someone told me how funny God is. And I don’t just mean lame pastor joke funny. I mean hysterical. Laugh out loud, long set up, OH MY WORD DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN funny. Y’all. I had no idea.

When I was in the third or fourth grade my mom went on an Emmaus walk. I remember this mostly because I remember the little tokens she brought home to remind her of her time there. She kept them in a top drawer mostly, but there was a picture of Jesus she stuck in her mirror above the favorite baby pictures of me and my sisters. This picture of Jesus was like nothing I had ever seen before. The reason my mom loved that picture was because she felt the same way. In this picture, Jesus was smiling. Not just a “smiling with my eyes, looking nicely and softly at a child,” but, like … really smiling. Really, actually smiling, like I-am-about-to-laugh-out-loud-from-the-delight-of-being-with-you-because-I-actually-really-like-you-and-being-with-you-makes-me-laugh kind of smiling.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the felt boards or the stained-glass windows or the pictures in the kids’ Bible, but when I picture Jesus, he always looks so … serious. It never really occurred to me that Jesus was funny, that God’s messages could be delivered a little less like Dan Rather on the nightly news and a little more like John Oliver on Last Week Tonight. But Jesus being a crack-up to make a point is well within the Hebrew tradition of a prophet.

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3 thoughts on “Jesus is Hilarious

  1. Oh Abby, you and I are meant to be best friends, you just don’t know it yet! (I know, I sound all crazy stalker-ish, don’t I?) But, seriously, I just started following you a few weeks ago; I can’t remember if I first read your work on the Be the Bridge FB, or my best friend Holly’s posts (she is a She Loves writer, as well, whom I think you know.)
    But, either way, since following you, every blog you write, has me saying, “that’s exactly how I look at it, and what I would want people to know about it, too!” I have long been a recognizer of God’s hysterical humor- “if I had a nickel” for the number of times I have had to stand, hands on hips, looking up at the sky, saying, sarcastically, “yeah, that was REAL funny, wasn’t it?!” when His joke has been on me….AND I have an actually amazing-to-me-in-a-supernatural-kind-of-way-story of a difficult time in my life a few years back when God brought me back to meet the current owner of the home where I grew up. This new owner had a portrait of Jesus I have never seen, before or since, in which He was full-on, head cocked back, LAUGHING. It was totally a confirming message from the Lord at the time, of some things he was doing in my heart.

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