Hello world! In a totally fitting that this piece comes up today. I am a little under water and I needed to remember that God has step by step met my needs. It is hard to talk about God providing without reaching into prosperity gospel territory. But I want to affirm that God who provided for Mary, who provided for the missionaries I used to learn about in Sunday school, who provides the sun and the rain and the wheat for the bread, the daily bread, is also the God who provides today 

I accepted a spot at the local seminary, on a generous scholarship. I signed the paperwork in March that said I would not be returning to teach at my high school. At the time it was just a little nerve-racking, because my husband was in between jobs. I wasn’t sure what we were doing next year, but there was still plenty of time to get it figured out. The academic jobs for my husband were just starting to be posted. He already had an interview. It was going to work out. It was going to work out soon. But that job went to someone else, and suddenly there was nothing on the horizon. We were so sure in March that God would provide. We were so sure I was supposed to go to seminary. We were so sure this was what God wanted.


What had we done?


It was now June and my husband didn’t have a job. I didn’t have a job. Paychecks would run out in August. How in the world was this going to work? Where was God?

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