What a Lady Preacher Looks Like

Hey y’all. I miss you. Seminary is going great. Intense, but great. I am totally sure I am right where I am supposed to be. Lately I have been thinking a lot about how I got here and why it took me a while. This week at She Loves we are talking about representation, so I am talking about what it meant to see myself in a pulpit.

I was in the car on my way home from a women’s conference, when I locked my eyes on the road so I wouldn’t have to look my passenger in the face.

“So, I think I want to do that. I think I am called to do that. Like … I think I would be really good at standing up on a stage and preaching like that. I just … I just really want to.”

The year 2013 was my year of Unashamed. After choosing it as my theme, I spent the rest of the year doing things I had always wanted to do, saying things I had always been thinking but was too ashamed of. I got my nose pierced. I started calling myself a writer. I submitted toSheLoves Magazine, and I went to a woman’s conference and saw Jen Hatmaker preach for two days.

I had never seen a woman preach like me before, or rather like I was sure I would. Jen had big earrings and bright lipstick. She talked with her hands and she spoke with her whole heart. She got choked up, she cried sometimes, she laughed at her own hilarious stories just because she was delighted in the remembering. It was pretty much the way my students had been describing me for the last eight years. And there she was, right in front of me.

This too, was what a preacher looked like. I could be what a preacher looks like.

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4 thoughts on “What a Lady Preacher Looks Like

  1. As I read your blog today I got chills. Seeing women in ministry is very important to the next generation of women who are just starting the journey. I am trying to discern the next step in my process, and your words speak very clearly and distinctly to me. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  2. Interesting- I, too, have been thinking a lot about how I got here and why it took me so long to get here…I also am totally sure I’m right where I am supposed to be. Except I miss seeing you, Abby. I’m comforted by knowing you’re happy.

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