Change is Not for the Faint of Heart

I wrote about our state of radical uncertainty for She Loves this month. I feel like this is all I write about lately, but this is where I am. I feel like the end of this article wraps things up really neatly. If you are where I am please know that is me claiming a promise I know to be true, even when I don’t feel like it. In reality I am not sleeping very well, and am probably using an unhealthy amount of distraction techniques. I am yelling more than I usually do. We are all just doing the best we can. I stand by the ending, that it will be good, I know this to be true even if it doesn’t feel like it.


If you are moving forward, you are going to have to leave people behind.

I am sorry to be so blunt, but I thought I would lead with the thing no one wants to tell you. Moving forward means sometimes people get left behind. It totally sucks, but it is totally necessary.

Forward means movement, and movement means not everything comes with you. It means not everyone comes with you. I know. I hate it too.

Moving forward in your career, or your beliefs, or even in your location, means that not everyone will follow you. Not everyone is supposed to follow you. Sometimes you need to move forward and they need to stay. Sometimes you move forward in different directions. It is messy and awful and it hurts—this moving forward thing. It is just plain hard sometimes. A lot of times.

Change is not for the faint of heart.

You can read the rest here. 

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