Let the Little Children

We are talking about creativity this month at the Mudroom. And I am leading artists who are children at my church. Mostly I just clean their brushes and change their water and remind them that if they keep painting the same spot with wet paint it will be brown. They Holy Spirit has been meeting me powerfully on the floor there. The table I had was too tall for the kids to reach.

I like hanging out on the floor. I like wearing clothes that are okay to get paint on. I like watching the kids concentrate and I love the way my congregation comes by to look at the art. I love the way they compliment the kids and mean it. I love how proud the kids are of their work, and I love the final product. I am learning a lot about creativity with these kiddos.

There is such careful consideration. Such thoughtfulness. My own girl took a turn this Sunday, and I promise I have never seen the amount of concentration come out of her. There is a deep love for this thing they are creating, and great care for how they are doing it. There is so much pride in being able to participate in the worship space provided. There is a desire to join in. Everyone wants a turn. And we are answering the question, what does God want the world to look like, so everyone gets a turn.

You can read the rest here. 

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