Ordinary Love Stories


I don’t write a lot about my marriage. I just…don’t. I think it is because I just feel so inadequte when it comes to marriage. I don’t clean enough, cook enough, spend enough time. Christian and I are happy. Life is stressful but we still love each other, we even still like each other, so that seems even better to me. But how do you know you are good at marriage? What metric is there? I don’t know.

When you pledge, till death do us part there really isn’t a time when you go WOO-HOO we made it! Plus and it is so personal, and ordinary, and different and the sane for everyone, marriage. But this month at She Loves I was challenged to write a love story. So I went for it…..

The girls, perhaps, are too young to understand the romantic gestures of a PhD student and his writer-by-night wife. They understand the big save of a white knight with a sword, but underestimate the power of the words, “You look exhausted, I’ll put the kids to bed tonight.” They don’t understand the sacrifice it takes to answer the follow up, “You sure?” with “Yes. I am sure. Go upstairs and go to bed.”

I have no tales of magic powers.

I only know of the sacrifice it takes to roll over in bed for the fourth or fifth time when one of the kids has woken up again, the sacrifice it takes to say, again, “Go back to sleep. I got it. You have a big day tomorrow.”

You can read the rest here.

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