Feast or Famine

I generally eat too much when I am celebrating. I don’t think I am the only one. My very favorite moment from the sitcom Friends is when Joey steals Pheobe’s maternity pants and declares them his Thanksgiving pants. That is a way of celebrating I understand. I mean, over-eating at holiday meals is as American as apple pie.

So I like the feast. So what?

I love feasting. I love celebrating. I love planning for a month, grocery shopping for a week, cooking all day, and lingering over the dinner table for hours. I love it. I love loving the people I love by cooking them the things they love. I love the feast.

But lately I have been taking a hard look at my eating habits, and found something kind of ugly amidst the love-filled feasting that is happening at my house for birthdays and holidays, and the very rare date nights out when I actually get to eat dinner with my husband.

It is always such an honor and privilege to be writing at She Loves. You can read the rest here.

1 thought on “Feast or Famine

    The close examination of prospectively longitudinal
    studies on the association between intelligence and
    obesity, particularly those that use large population
    samples in Sweden, New Zealand, and the UK,
    makes it clear that the conclusion unanimously
    reached in cross-sectional studies that obesity
    impairs cognitive function is incorrect. As is clear
    particularly in the New Zealand study, obesity does
    not change intelligence. The direction of causality
    goes from intelligence to obesity. Less intelligent
    individuals are more likely to gain weight and
    become obese throughout adulthood than more
    intelligent individuals. The strongly negative effect
    of intelligence on obesity explains the association
    between the two.


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