An Abundant Table

If I have learned anything this month it is this:

Scarcity is a liar that plays on our deepest fears. It shows us a picture we are afraid is reality and if we act on that picture we will get more scarcity. It is a vicious cycle.

Scarcity shows us a table that is already full. Maybe there are four spaces, maybe six. Maybe we have a space at the table, maybe we just want one. Scarcity tells us the table is full, that we have to fight for a spot or fight to keep ours, that the spots will run out, or that we better pick a different table.

But Abundance, abundance has endless wings to add to the table. Abundance has an endless supply of chairs. Abundance says yes! you can come! Bring your friends! There is plenty. Abundance is such a beautiful thing.


This is my last post in the 31 days sereis. I have had a great time, but have every intention of celebrating Nap-vember again! Don’t be surprised if I am lighter around here than usual. Abundance is telling me I am enough. 

2 thoughts on “An Abundant Table

  1. Abby, thank you so much for writing these posts. I am amazed at your determination – you did a great job of writing abundantly through the chaos of real life. I have been inspired at your words. I keep doing the same things over and over, and hoping for new possibilities, so these ideas about abundance really made the dreams for change seem tangible. Maybe new things are within reach! And maybe I can see and feel Jesus abundantly even within my life as it is now.

    Thank you for writing – your words have been a generous gift to me.

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