An Abundant Birthday

I am 32 and I like myself. Like, I just really think I am awesome.

I owe that, I think, to my search for abundance. I have always been confident, but I would say that this is the first year I would say I like myself, and then stop.

No caveat, no but I am working on, no but/and/plus I like you too.

Just, I like myself. I think I am pretty awesome. And that doesn’t preclude you from being totally awesome, it doesn’t even preclude me from thinking you are totally awesome. I don’t have to apologize for really liking myself, because it doesn’t take anything away from anyone in anyway. It just means I like myself.

For me, this has been the greatest gift of rooting out the scarcity in my life. There is so much more SPACE than there used to be. So many ways a person can be awesome. So much room to like yourself even though you aren’t “there” yet. There is just so much room.

So happy birthday to me, and may YOU find out just how amazing you are this year.

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What 32 looks like.

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