Abundance and the Perfect Day

I love hating on scarcity. You can start from the beginning if you want.


Monday is my birthday, so our family is celebrating today. This year I know it is going to be the perfect day because I asked for it.

I took the time to think about what I wanted and WHY I wanted it, then I asked for the things that would make me happy.

My friend Nicole (who is running her own series you should totally check out) taught me a lot about asking, and receiving. So this year I did.

We woke up and I am having coffee while my girls watch Inside Out. We are going to see a friend’s big art show after we get donuts. Then I am going to a wine bar with some friends, ladies who know the whole me and love inspite and because of those things.

Scarcity has been telling me, I think my whole life that if I ask for it then it doesn’t count. All the wants just have to magically appear.

Y’all THAT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN! Scarcity loves to discount things, and I am so, so, so, over that. If you hear, in your brain “that doesn’t count because…” Y’all that is a lie, from the pit, that we hate.

In my 32nd year I want to lean into abundance. I get to ask for the things I want. I get to decide what counts. There are a million ways to have a perfect day. Today I will choose one.

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