Hope and Scarcity: On being surprised

I am writing 31 fighting scarcity. I will be collecting them all at the starting point. I hope you join me this month. 


I am afraid of hope. Our whole lives are up in the air for next year and I want to know where things are coming down. I have some opinions about what should come down where and how those things should stack up.

I have some very specific hopes I have set up for myself. I am trying to hold them loosely. I am maybe not very good at that.

Two days ago my youngest came up to me and beamed. I was a SURPRISE! I SUPRISED YOU! She isn’t wrong. Priscilla is my surprise. And she is my reminder that my hopes are sometimes two specific.

I hope sometimes in one good thing, in one right thing, in one certain way that people should shake out. I have a scarcity of hope, and I am slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y, learning to unclench my understanding of what to hope for. I am learning that I can hope in abundance. There are an abundance of good things, good ways, good places for my life to land.

I just need to believe in the abundance of that hope, in the delight of being surprised, of the lack of scarcity in the ways things are going to turn out.

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