Perfection and Scarcity: BFF

I am writing 31 fighting scarcity. I will be collecting them all at the starting point. I hope you join me this month. 


I almost quit this whole write 31 days thing yesterday. I started really strong by scheduling 3 of my posts and being aware that I was not going to blog in Nashville with my two awesome internet friends. (Dear 22 year old Abby, surround yourself with strong ladies, find them, meet them, hang out with them as often as you can. They are like growth hormones for your soul.) I had planned on coming home Saturday and cleaning up and then having Sunday to write. But I blew a tire on Saturday and got home for bedtime. Then I spent Sunday doing the “what exactly smells” kind of deep cleaning. Is there anything that makes us clean up a home faster than a funk? Not for me.

So I didn’t have a chance to set this whole shebang up like I wanted. So I am almost through in the towel. There are a million things I haven’t done because I couldn’t do them perfectly. I didn’t want to write until I was really good at it. But I wasn’t. For a long time I was just okay. (Please don’t look through my archives.) I didn’t want to start a manuscript until I had the perfect time for it. I don’t want to go on family vacation until I have the perfect vacation. I don’t want to have people over, I want to throw the perfect dinner party.

Scarcity tells me that if I am not going to do it this one right way (that I actually made up in my head) than I shouldn’t do it at all. There is only one right way to do it, so I may as well give up now because I am doing it wrong.

But abundance invites me to put away the perfection. It says, there are lots of right ways to write, to parent, to have community, to live well. The only thing I signed up for when I signed up to write for 31 days was to post something on my blog for 31 days. And I almost quit before I started because I didn’t have a fancy button (thank you Caris for hooking a friend up.) I thought I had to do this well organized, pinnable, perfectly in order to do it. But I can do it any way and still do it well. Abundance says, you are invited to do the thing, your well AND you are invited to call it good.

It is day five and I am still in this thing. I should have known that the second I decided to fight scarcity, scarcity would call to me. Not this time. You don’t win today.

4 thoughts on “Perfection and Scarcity: BFF

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  2. oh my, these are my days also, since I got home. Sunday & Monday lost to bouncing back and illness. I caught myself not wanting to go on vacation because I didn’t have time to pack perfectly! HA.

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