All the Feels. You can have them.

am writing 31 fighting scarcity. I will be collecting them all at the starting point. I hope you join me this month. 


Almost all of my negative emotions initially come out as anger. I loose something precious to me? I yell before I cry. I am at a loss at what to do about a relationship I care deeply about? I start using the f-word in all kinds of situations that have nothing to do with that relationship. I am lonely? I get generally irritated at my student’s (and my children’s) inability to listen to my directions. I am scared? I get mad about the traffic.

I know how to navigate anger. Anger feels safer to me than grief, hopelessness, loneliness, fear. I know what to do about anger. I know how to yell and be sarcastic. Anger I can handle.

I fear other emotions because I am afraid they will over take me. I am afraid that grief or loss or loniness, that I will get stuck feeling those somehow. That I won’t ever feel anything else again. So instead, I get angry. It feels safer.

Somehow, scarcity has told me that I am only allowed to feel so many things, that I am only allowed to feel so many things about a particular thing. If I am sad it is over I can’t be grateful it happened. If I am overwhelmed by the opportunity I can’t be happy about it. If I am jealous of someone’s opportunity I can’t be thrilled for them.

Y’all. That right there is a LIE from the PIT. THERE IS NOT SUCH THING AS A SCARCITY OF FEELINGS!

Abundance says FEEL ALL THE FEELS! You are allowed to feel all of the feelings. Feelings are complicated and if you are feeling jealous that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to feel anything else. Deep sorrow does not negate deep joy. In fact, I am pretty sure it invites it. You are absolutely one hundred percent allowed to feel whatever it is you are feeling, and when you get to the end of it you are allowed to feel whatever is next.

Scarcity of feelings isn’t real. There are so many feelings, and this life is so mixed up and complicated. Feel whatever it is you need to feel. That is the only way to abundance.

5 thoughts on “All the Feels. You can have them.

  1. I think anger is almost always a masking emotion for another emotion we are hiding from. Instead of dealing with what we are feeling, we can get made and blame someone else. Or at least, that has been my experience. I love your encouragement to feel all the feelings. Much healthier.

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