That’s a LIE from the PIT: 31 days of Fighting Scarcity

It seems that every October I do something a little bit nutty. 2 years ago I decided it was a priority to get a manuscript edited before my 30th birthday. Last year I gave a TEDx talk. This year, I am joining the ranks of people who write every day for the month of October. Frankly, I am a little bit surprised I haven’t done this before. I am a bit of a joined (I mean, if there is a party, I want to go!) and I know my writing has been most improved when I write consistently. So, 31 days here we go!


It should surprise no one that I am fighting scarcity these next 31 days, with the phrase I have been told should go on a bobble head doll of me. Maybe one day.

That is a LIE from the PIT! I hate lies. I hate the freedom they keep us from and the things they make us believe, and if there is one lie that gets me every single time from every single angle, it is scarcity. There isn’t enough, there won’t be enough, I will get left out, or behind, or in the cold. I won’t get mine. And then there is the other side of that same lie. I am too much. I can’t have this many words, or that much passion. I need to be less of myself so that other people have enough room for them.

NONE OF THAT IS TRUE! Did you hear me? None of that is true. There is SO MUCH space and SO MUCH goodness. It is enough. God calls it enough. And that is what we are going to be talking about this month. I am SUPER excited.

Where do you see scarcity in your life? How would you act if you really truly deeply believed in abundance?

Day 2: There is Enough Room for You

Day 3: All the Feels. You can have them.

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Day 7: Confessions of a YES Addict

Day 8: Everyone Else is doing it, and that is GOOD news

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Day 10: Scarcity and Change

Day 11: Hope and Scarcity: On Being Surprised

Day 12: But I Already Said That!

Day 13: Does this thing matter?

Day 14: When it is time to rest

22 thoughts on “That’s a LIE from the PIT: 31 days of Fighting Scarcity

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  2. Really looking forward to fight scarcity with you in October. I love the question “How would you act if you really truly deeply believed in abundance?” I have no idea, but I would really like to find out!

  3. I see scarcity in my energy levels…I fight the feeling of being tired and tell myself I am not “pulling my weight” if I am not doing something I perceive as constructive for others. I want to get to a place where I honor my bodies ebbs and flows. On days I have less energy, I do less (or do nothing at all!); on high energy days I do the heck out of stuff! On those low days I want to remember my energy will come back, my creativity and vision and drive, but for what ever reason sometimes I need to rest or wait or incubate.

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