Why Dreamers Need a Tribe

I wrote a thing last Friday that went a little bit viral. Viral is a relative term, and for me I know something has exploded when the people in my comments are 1. not my mother, and 2. the commenters start refering to me in third person.

Y’all. This is a personal blog. Coming up in here and talking about me like “she thinks this, and she is that” is sort of like showing up in my living room and sitting on my blue wine stained couch while I am on my tan kid stained couch and talking about me like I am not there. I AM RIGHT HERE! IT IS MY BLOG!

But that is probably where it would have ended if I didn’t have my people. My friend Tanya, who voxed me to tell me that I should contact the Huffington Post, and Sarah told me where to find the information on various editors and how to contact them. (Right here.) 

Every succes I have ever managed to have as a blogger is because I had a crazy bunch of dreamers surrounding me. Last year, I got to give a TEDx talk because someone suggested I apply. I didn’t even know you could apply.

I need people. I need a tribe. I am a pack animal and I don’t function very well without a pack. I used to feel bad about that, to think perhaps I was an inferior dreamer, or writer, or creative. But now I know it is simply how I am built. I need a pack. I need a like-minded pack.

I think that is the thing I am most excited about in my Room for Dreaming e-course. I know enough about all of the people who have signed up to know how amazing they all are. I don’t know if you will all be BFF or if you will just learn a lot from each other for four weeks. But I do know that being in a space with each other will spur you all on. Dreaming is addictive, and doing someting about those dreams has a lot to do with peer pressure.

Are you ready to join us? Click the button below. For the full details click here


2 thoughts on “Why Dreamers Need a Tribe

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  2. You’re so sweet to give me a shout out when I was later thinking “I forgot to send her that list!” Glad you found Beyond Your Blog – she’s awesome! And I’m so excited about all the great things you’re doing and that we get to share dreams together. 🙂

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