How the Jesus Storybook Bible saved my faith

I bought my girls the Jesus Storybook Bible on a whim. I bought it because not everyone was white. I bought it because all my friends were talking about it. Mostly, I bought it because it was a great price on Amazon, under 10 dollars I think. That book is worth more than I can say.

My husband and I were in a major de-construction phase in our faith. We were pretty  sure we believed in God, we were pretty sure we were down with Jesus. After that we weren’t so sure. What the heck do we believe about all of the old testament? We didn’t know. We didn’t know if it was fact, or if it were metaphor, or how much the answer to that questions mattered. We didn’t know quite what to make of the passages in the new testament saying I needed to cover my head and be silent. We were surprised at how little the Bible actually said about issues we had been told were “clearly stated.”

We just had a lot of questions, and not a lot of safe places we felt like we could put those questions. We had a lot of questions at about the same time our girls began asking their own.

This is a guest post in a really cool series about books that contributed to your understanding of God. I was THRILLED to be asked, you can read the rest here.

1 thought on “How the Jesus Storybook Bible saved my faith

  1. Well, now I definitely need to pick this up myself. It sounds really similar to a kids’ bible I had when I was very young – but I”ve never seen anything like it as an adult, and somehow I lost the original. It sounds like a lovely thing to have on hand!

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